Glutes Workout Routine

Exercise 1: Step ups

Standing in front of a raised platform, step up on to it squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement before carefully stepping back down.

This is a great glute strengthener and leg toning exercise. 


Exercise 2: Front Squat

Holding a bar across the front of your body, squat down keeping the torso upright. When you have reached the maximum safe depth, return to standing.

This variation of the standard back squat throws more emphasis onto the glutes.


Exercise 3: Glute Bridge on Swiss ball

With your shoulders and upper back on the ground and your feet on the Swiss ball thrust the hips so that the torso and legs come into a line, pause contracting the glutes fully and then return to the start.

The power to move the hips upwards comes mainly from the glutes, helping to firm and shape the area.


Exercise 4: Kettlebell Swing

Holding a kettlebell in both hands stand with your feet about one and a half shoulder widths apart. Keeping the back straight and working from the hips swings the kettlebell back through your legs then up in front of you. Aim to get the kettlebell to shoulder height.

This is a great movement working the glutes, back and waistline.


Exercise 5: Long Lunge

Stepping forward with one leg and keeping the hips straight in a controlled movement bring the torso down. Squeezing the glute of the front leg, stand back up and then step through repeating on the other side.

This variation throws more emphasis onto the glutes keeping them under tension for a long time for maximum training effect.


Exercise 6: Single Leg Deadlift

Standing on one leg and keeping the hips square and stable, slightly bend the knee of the leg you are standing on and pivot at the hip, sliding the hips back as you bend over. Pause and return to standing straight whilst contracting the glutes.

This trains balance hitting and is especially good for the muscles at the top of the glutes.


Exercise 7: Side Lying Abduction

Lie on your side and support your head. Lift your leg up and away from the floor and then return slowly to the ground. Do a set of 10 to 15 and then repeat on the other side.

This really isolates the glutes making them work hard, toning and shaping the bottom.