Full back workout routine

Exercise 1: The Deadlift

Bending your knees, pivot at the hips whilst keeping your back straight, bend down and grip the bar and pull it smoothly off the floor.

This movement works the whole back from waist to shoulder and increases entire body strength.


Exercise 2: The Pull Up

Using a grip about 1.5 to 2 shoulder widths apart steadily pull yourself up until you chin is past the bar, then slowly lower yourself all the way back down.

This exercise hits the lats hard but also the shoulders and biceps and is great for developing the ’V’ shape.


Exercise 3: The Dumbbell Row

Keeping the back straight, position yourself with one hand and one knee on a bench and pull the dumbbell up to by your rib cage and then lower under control.

This is a great exercise for developing all areas of the back. 


Exercise 4: Rear Lat Raises

With back straight and torso angled to about 40 degrees to the floor raise two dumbbells from in front of your chest to out beside you, then lower slowly with control.

Rear lateral raises develop strength and shape through the upper back and the rear of the shoulders. The rear lat raises also help improve your posture.


Exercise 5: Lumberjack Row

Standing in a staggered stance support your weight by placing your hand on your knee and with the other hand row the bar up and down.

This is a great movement for targeting the ‘wing’ muscles, as well as hitting the upper back from a different angle.


Exercise 6: TRX/Ring Row

Keeping the legs and torso fixed with your heel/feet planted on the floor, pull yourself up between the handles, pause, and then lower yourself down under control

This movement trains the whole back with special focus on the upper back.