Abdominals workout routine

Exercise 1: Plank Off Rings/TRX

Set the TRX or rings so they’re hanging a few inches off the floor. Using a press-up type position, with legs and torso in one line, support yourself on the handles and your toes. You can make the movement easier by raising the handles off the floor. Start with sets of twenty seconds and keep the lower back and hips from sagging.

This is a challenging progression of the standard plank that hits the deep abdominals hard, developing stability and tightening the mid-section.


Exercise 2: Sit Up With Dumbbell

Lie on your back with knees raised, toes hooked under something stable and place a dumbbell on your chest. Begin a rep by lifting your upper torso off the ground. Pause and them return to the start position.

These hit the ‘six pack’ hard, focusing on the most challenging portion of the sit up.


Exercise 3: Russian Twists

Sit with your torso at about 45 degrees to the floor and hook your toes under something stable. Rotate the torso first to one side, return and then to the other whilst holding a weight in your hand.

Russian twists hit the whole ab section, building muscle and training strength.


Exercise 4: Hanging Leg Raises with Twist

Hanging from a pull up bar with feet together and knees slightly bent raise your legs up twisting the legs and hips to one side as they move, return to a dead hang and then raise them again twisting the legs and hips to the other side.

This trains the lower abs and also the obliques that run either side of the six pack.


Exercise 5: Hip Raises

Lie on the floor with hands palms down, out by your hips. Raise your legs off the floor and position them straight up in the air, bending the knees very slightly. Start the rep by lifting your hips off the floor by an inch or two pressing down with the palms of your hands to keep stable. Pause and then return the hips with control to the floor.

This is a very difficult movement and only requires you to move the hips a few inches to get a great training effect on the abs, in particular the lower six pack muscles.


Exercise 6: Swiss Ball Knee Tucks

Start in a press up position with the tops of your shins on the top of a Swiss ball. Keeping your torso and back straight, pull the knees towards your chest so that the top of your feet and rest on the Swiss ball. Pause and roll back and repeat.

This killer exercise hits the lower abs and the deep abs hard, helping to pull the stomach in and provide the V shape or the lower core.


Exercise 7: Plank Twisting Knee to Elbow

Start in a plank position, pull one knee forward and twist so that it moving in a line to the opposite elbow. Return and repeat on the other side.

This trains both deep and outer abs, reducing the waistline and training the whole core.