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Gains4Girls - Blog Part 3

From amateur to competing bodybuilder! Abby, from Gain4Girls and #TeamMultipower shares her experience with the build up to her 2nd UKBFF. to Article

Gains4Girls - Blog Part 2

Abby from Gains4Girls & #TeamMultipower is back with another blog post about her upcoming bodybuilding show. With just 4 weeks to go things are starting to get really tough! to Article

Gains4Girls - Blog Part 1: From bulking to cutting

In preparation for her first bodybuilding show, Abby from Instagram sensation Gains4Girls (and Team Multipower athlete) takes us through why she decided to compete and her recent 'bulking' phase.

Check back soon for Abby's next update! to Article

Cross Training

Cross Training is used by serious athletes when they need better performance, and it holds big advantages for the average gym go-er as well, helping them to unlock above average results, here’s how and why to Article

Tabata Training

Is time management limiting your visits to the gym? Are long endurance training sessions a drag? Do you want to build muscle and reduce body fat at the same time? This is all possible with one training method – Tabata training. to Article

De-bore your treadmill workout

In this article we give you the low down on making your time spent on the treadmill more efficient, whilst super-charging your fat burning and improving your cardiovascular fitness. to Article

HIT - High Intensity Training

In this article we explain how HIT training (High Intensity Training) aims to quickly trigger very intense training stimuli in the muscle in order to gain maximum muscle growth. There is also a free workout available to download! to Article

Ben Foden: Six exercises for a six pack

For many, the 6 pack is the ultimate motivation for exercising. Whilst nutrition plays a major part in achieving this, abdominal exercises are also crucial. We spoke to Multipower ambassador Ben Foden who gave us his top six exercises for achieving that elusive 6 pack! to Article

Full back workout routine

Training your back is absolutely crucial to maintaining posture and improving your overall strength. This workout will help you achieve a strong and full back, that will improve your all round strength! to Article

Abdominals Workout Routine

Whilst nutrition is key making your abdominal muscles visible, it's important to train this muscle group in the same way you would train any other. This complete abdominal workout will ensure you hit all the muscles. to Article

Core Workout Routine

A strong core is crucial to overall strength, yet it is often overlooked in the gym. This core workout will test you and ensure you have the building blocks in place for the more popular gym work. to Article

Glutes Workout Routine

If you're looking to improve the strength and definition of your glutes then this workout routine is for you. Combining 7 different exercises, this routine will work the glutes from multiple angles. to Article

10 effective changes to your training routine

About now your New Year training routine may be getting a bit stale. It’s a common problem, and one with a simple set of solutions that see your result improve! to Article

The Deadlift Demystified

The deadlift is one of the most practically useful exercises you can do, giving you strength and function that carries over into the real world to Article

The Beginners Guide to Road Cycling

Cycling is a great way to boost fitness and reduce body fat but, starting off on the right foot means you’ll avoid the rookie mistakes and stick with it to Article