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Healthy Protein Banana Bread

22. June 2017
Who doesn't love bananas, right? Multipower blogger Hannah Frances McCreesh shares her recipes for Healthy Protein banana bread  Read more


Blueberry Protein Porridge Recipe

7. June 2017
Multipower blogger Healthy Jon shares his delicious blueberry protein porridge recipe. Read more


Chocolate Protein Porridge Recipe

11. May 2017
Multipower blogger Healthy Jon shares his delicious chocolate protein porridge recipe. Read more


Protein Ice Cream Recipe

8. May 2017
Multipower ambassador and blogger Hannah Frances McCreesh shares her recipe for protein ice cream. Read more


Iced Protein Mocha Recipe

27. April 2017
Here's how to make a protein-packed, energy-boosting iced protein mocha.   Read more


Will Protein make me bulky? Your questions answered by Gains4Girls

20. April 2017
These must be some of the most frequently asked questions relating to fitness on social media: will protein make me bulky? Do I need to take protein to make progress? How much protein should I be taking? So this blogpost has been a long time coming, and we are going to try to dispel some of the biggest myths around protein. Read more


Carbohydrates - the what, the when, the how

6. April 2017
Multipower ambassador LP from Gains4Girls gives us the 411 on carbs. Read more


Blueberry Protein Shake ft. Our NEW Blueberry-Yoghurt 100% Whey Protein

16. March 2017
Multipower ambassador Healthy Jon is back with a new recipe using our Blueberry-Yoghurt 100% Whey Protein. Read more


Super Strawberry Protein Smoothie Recipe

22. February 2017
This month I'm back with a 7 minute breakfast-busting recipe that'll have the whole office swooning in envy. Packed with energy boosting fruits, protein and oats, I can guarantee this will fast become a breakfast favourite. Why not try it today? Read more


Vanilla Protein Porridge Recipe

15. February 2017
Another delicious protein recipe from Multipower ambassador HealthyJon. Read more


How To Prep For A Fitness Photoshoot, by Mitch Lawrence

10. February 2017
A successful photoshoot takes much more than just training hard in the gym and following a clean diet. In this blog post Mitch gives you some of his top tips to ensure that you get the best results from your fitness shoots. Read more


'Jaffa Cake' Protein Truffle Recipe

8. February 2017
Multipower ambassadors Gains4Girls are back with a 'Jaffa Cake' Protein Truffle recipe, perfect for those sweet cravings! Read more


Oaty Apricot Choc-Chip Protein Bars Recipe

6. February 2017
Multipower ambassadors Gains4Girls created these bars, that have a great combination of protein, carbs and fats, making them the perfect pre- or post-workout snack! Read more


Healthy Jon’s Protein Waffles

6. January 2017
Healthy Jon is a Health & Fitness blogger and Multipower ambassador. Read more


Gains4Girls' Top Ways to Achieve a Work / Gym / Life Balance

5. January 2017
Gains4Girls' Top Ways to Achieve a Work / Gym / Life Balance Read more