Ready To Drink Protein

Ready To Drink Protein

High quality protein and protein and carb drinks providing top quality nutrition to fit your goals on the go. Low fat, convenient and great tasting, designed by nutritionists to support your training.

Fit Protein
67 reviews

Fit Protein

12 x 500 ml Bottle - 12 servings High quality protein drink to support muscle building and recovery

  • Ideal protein supply for growing muscle
  • Readily available carbohydrates give you the nutrient source you need
  • Maximum 1 g fat per bottle

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Fit Protein Lite
2 reviews

Fit Protein Lite

12 x 500 ml Bottle - 12 servings High quality, low fat protein drink for muscle building and recovery.

  • Reduced energy by replacing 7.5g/100ml of sugar with sucralose.
  • Post workout ready to drink protein shake
  • High protein, low carb, fat free!

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