Movistar Team

"Due to the intensity and frequency of professional cycling, it is very important to have the most developed Sports nutrition available. The intensity of the exercise is always extremely high, so if we want to reach our goals and achieve the best performance, we must rely on a high quality brand such as Multipower."

Eusebio Unzué, General Manager

Interview with the Movistar Team

When did you start as a professional team?

In 1979. We are the oldest team in pro cycling.

Explain us your day by day. How many days do you train per week?

We race about 250 days per season, from January (Australia and Argentina) to October (China). 4 continents, more than 1 million kilometers. 2 preseason stages in November and January and an average of 70 competition days per rider.

Do you have a fitness plan? What exercises do you do?

Our team of trainers organize and decide the fitness plan of every rider. Some mountain bike and gym during the preseason, and thousands of kilometers during the season.

Do you have recovery massages or similar? Why and how often?

Every day after the stage. From 45 to 60 minutes per rider. Sport massage basically to recover the legs after the effort.

What is your favorite product from Multipower and why?

Every rider has his favourite one. Normally the gel is the most popular one.

How many meals do you eat daily? And what food do you usually take?

Big breakfast (white pasta or rice, cereals with milk or yogurt and fruit) bars, gels and small pieces during the race and salad, pasta and chicken for dinner.

What supplements do you take training and in what way (before, during, after)?

Mostly during the races: Fruit Power, Multicarbo Bar+Fruit and protein bars as well as isotonic drinks for drinking. For recovery we prefer the Re-Charge Drink.

Do you have some “ritual” before a race?

Every rider has its manias. From taking a coffee just before starting to attach the race number in a particular way or measuring all the distances in the bike every morning.

What products do you take during a race?

Carbohydrate bars and mostly gels. We take as well Jelly and Iso Drink.

Sports nutrition for you is ...

A must to help to reach the maximum performance level.

Your personal advice for a cyclist…

Train, rest and eat properly.