Jon Weston-Stanley

England Touch Rugby player and Multipower Healthy Baking ambassador Jon Weston-Stanley is the only elite team sportsman within team Multipower, having represented England Touch Rugby for the past 4 years.

Jon Weston-Stanley
  • Name: Jon Weston-Stanley
  • Date of Birth: 27/10/1993 
  • Nationality: British
  • Sport: England Touch Rugby
  • Instagram/Twitter: @Healthyjon

Getting to know Jon Weston-Stanley

Jon came on board with Multipower’s ambassadorial team in 2016, following a series of excellent recipes in the 2016 Multipower Health Blogger Bake Off. He produces monthly protein recipes using our products, shown on his blog and YouTube channel.

Jon first took up Touch Rugby after dislocating his shoulder 3 times playing rugby union. After almost a year out of sport and multiple operations Jon’s shoulders had reached a point where it was deemed unsafe for him to resume playing contact sports.

After his long rehabilitation process Jon took up Touch Rugby, he progressed very quickly to an International level and now has a European Championship gold medal and numerous World Cup appearances under his belt.

Jon has recently received confirmation that he has made the final England team that will be touring Australia in November 2017. “The Australians are the best in the world” so Jon’s aim to for the remainder of this year is to “get myself in a position both physically and mentally to be able to compete with the best.” This will involve months of hard work, training and physical preparation.

Following this, Jon’s goals from 2018 onwards will be continuing his intense mental and physical preparation, for an assault on the 2019 World Cup in Malaysia.

Touch Rugby is still an up and coming sport in the UK and as such a large portion of this tour will be self-funded. You can donate to team England using this link. All donations welcome.