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    Fit Protein

    Fit Protein

    12 x 500 ml Bottle - 12 servings

    • Ideal protein supply for growing muscle
    • Readily available carbohydrates give you the nutrient source you need
    • Maximum 1 g fat per bottle

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    Protein Smoothie

    Protein Smoothie

    8 x 330ml Bottle - 8 Servings

    • Natural ingredients
    • 7%-10% real fruit
    • 26g Protein per bottle

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    50% Protein Bar

    50% Protein Bar

    24 x 50 g Bar

    • Delicious protein bar with milk chocolate coating
    • 50% protein provides your body nutrition after training for building muscle and toning
    • Reduced fat and low in sugars

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    Mass Gainer - 5440g

    Mass Gainer - 5440g

    5440 g Sachet - 22 Servings

    • High Quality Complex of fast and slow acting Proteins Whey, Casein, Milk and Egg Protein.
    • Energy boosting Carbohydrate Complex – Maltodextrine, Waxy Maize Starch, Fructose, Dextrose and Barley Starch (Vitargo).
    • Ideal ratio of 70 % Carbs, 20 % Protein, 5 % fat.

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