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    Fit Protein Lite

    Fit Protein Lite

    12 x 500 ml Bottle - 12 servings

    • Post workout ready to drink protein shake
    • High protein, low carb, fat free!
    • Packed with 40g of milk protein

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    Fit Protein Diet

    Fit Protein Diet

    1 x 960g Sachet - 16 servings

    • Post workout protein shake
    • 42.5g Protein
    • Whey Protein, Micellar Casein Protein

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    50% Protein Bar

    50% Protein Bar

    24 x 50 g Bar

    • Delicious protein bar with milk chocolate coating
    • 50% protein provides your body nutrition after training for building muscle and toning
    • Reduced fat and low in sugars

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    Power Pack

    Power Pack

    24 x 35 g Bar

    • 27% high quality protein
    • Only 136 calories
    • Optimum ratio of protein:carbs:fat

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