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    We are proud to announce we have extended our successful partnership with world’s most difficult bike race, the Giro d`Italia, until 2015!

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    Fitness Shake

    Fitness Shake

    12 x 330 ml Bottle - 12 servings

    • Shake with 25 g protein, only 1,3 g fat and no added sugar is a delicious way to feel full and is ideal for the figure
    • Only 165 kcal (low-fat milk (1,5 %) contains over 300 kcal for the same amount of protein)

    £29.99 view

    Fruit Power

    Fruit Power

    24 x 40 g Bar

    • Official High-Performance-Bar of the Giro d’Italia 2014
    • 48-65% real fruit content!
    • Optimum carb-matrix for a fast & long lasting energy-supply

    £34.99 view

    Natures Power

    Natures Power

    24 x 40 g Bar

    • The healthy snack for sport and recreation
    • "Natural Look“ from transparent foil
    • Functional and natural

    £32.99 view

    Formula 80 Protein

    Formula 80 Protein

    1 x 750 g Tub - 25 servings

    • Blend of 4 high-quality proteins: Casein, Milk, Whey, Egg for fast, medium and slow release
    • Enriched with Vitamins + Minerals
    • Ideal for those dieting as this formula keeps you fuller for longer

    £29.99 view

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